Keep Educating Yourself July 21, 2017 22:10


I have been a massage therapist for over 25 years. Our profession requires continuing education. As you can imagine I have participated in many classes throughout the years. I love taking classes and investing in my education. It is never a bore - it is fun.  Gravitating to topics that are of interest to me is important and it should be forever one.

Plenty of new studies report that keeping the mind challenged and learning new things helps us as we age. Not everyone may feel comfortable or have the ability to take a live course or even an online course; this should not stop you from learning something new.

Just for fun get a piece of paper and write down things you find interesting and want to learn more about. Seek out free and inexpensive ways to learn more on that topic. If it continues to peak your interest find classes to attend.

Growing up I studied dance and loved every day of it. When I was 40 I started taking “free movement courses” and discovered a whole new way of movement that creates total freedom in mind, body and of course spirit! Now I teach this form and realize the important connection of body movement and brain activity as it relates to health.

Education and fun should go hand in hand, especially as we age. Maybe that new topic of learning will turn into a new hobby or career! The possibilities are endless along with the self discovery.  If your career requires continuing education take it as a blessing. The more you learn the better you are at what you do. People will see that in the work you create.

Every day is a Blessing ~ Blessing My Lovelies ~ Blessings~

Carrie Ann Wiedemann