Cupping & Me August 31, 2015 19:59

Hello & Welcome to the wonderful world of Cupping! As a massage therapist and instructor it is natural for me to research and seek out what is new and moving forward in the world of massage.

I have watched our profession grow, change and evolve over the past 25yrs. I was ready for moving forward professionally in a new direction but unable to put my hands on what that would be.

When I found my way to Bellabaci, which was one of those “by accident” situations, I knew it was meant to be. Although my cupping knowledge was limited, after reviewing the information it seemed like a fit. My love for learning new techniques and teaching led me to the CEO of Bellabaci, Keren Trabelsi and here we are!

The work is fascinating and extremely therapeutic. It is a simple and effective method which can start out as a simple tool for massage therapists and turn into a powerful healing modality as you learn its effectiveness.

For the user of Bellabaci cupping therapy, it is an anti-aging magnet! Yes I know you find that hard to believe, but keep reading the blogs…. I will be explaining more and more about this unique versatile method as days go by.

Happy Cupping!

Carrie Ann Wiedemann US Director of Sales & Training