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Keep Educating Yourself July 21, 2017 22:10


I have been a massage therapist for over 25 years. Our profession requires continuing education. As you can imagine I have participated in many classes throughout the years. I love taking classes and investing in my education. It is never a bore - it is fun.  Gravitating to topics that are of interest to me is important and it should be forever one.

Plenty of new studies report that keeping the mind challenged and learning new things helps us as we age. Not everyone may feel comfortable or have the ability to take a live course or even an online course; this should not stop you from learning something new.

Just for fun get a piece of paper and write down things you find interesting and want to learn more about. Seek out free and inexpensive ways to learn more on that topic. If it continues to peak your interest find classes to attend.

Growing up I studied dance and loved every day of it. When I was 40 I started taking “free movement courses” and discovered a whole new way of movement that creates total freedom in mind, body and of course spirit! Now I teach this form and realize the important connection of body movement and brain activity as it relates to health.

Education and fun should go hand in hand, especially as we age. Maybe that new topic of learning will turn into a new hobby or career! The possibilities are endless along with the self discovery.  If your career requires continuing education take it as a blessing. The more you learn the better you are at what you do. People will see that in the work you create.

Every day is a Blessing ~ Blessing My Lovelies ~ Blessings~

Carrie Ann Wiedemann

Reflection of the Harvest in Your Life November 22, 2016 19:42

If you live a life of intention you are able to see where you are and where you may want to be. All the things you have ever done are like a deposit to your life history and develop a type of energy within. It is just like the foods you eat and the amount of activity that creates your physical health.  Now if we encompass our thinking, the actions that we take, as well as the words that we speak – well this outcome becomes tremendous energy!!!

Day in day out, week after week, month after month and yes, year after year all this effort of intent produces an outcome.

You become the reflection of your whole being, the reflection of your harvest.

Your comments are always welcome!

Happy Cupping!


Continuing Education for Massage Therapist January 22, 2016 12:41

In most states within the United States massage therapist (MT) are required to attended courses which offer credits recognized either by various organizations that support education for the field or by state regulated courses by providers that meet a criteria for education. Portions of these credits (ce's) usually can be taken as online instruction with another portion taken as "ground" classes which must be attended in a classroom setting.

In many cases when renewal of a state MT license comes due a copy of these courses must be submitted as well as CPR renewal and now in some states child abuse recognition and reporting course must be completed.

As an educator and an MT licensed in two separate states for 24 years I find this practice common and acceptable. Since renewal is normally every two years it is great to choose various courses and learn different techniques and modalities. There is so much to learn and it keeps you as an MT in the "loop" not only with new technique but also meeting other therapist and networking. All of this classroom time develops the continual growth of the therapist. A Seasoned Therapist understands this and it shows in the unbelievable work they perform. Seasoned therapists are able to use many various techniques to address client's needs and that is what keeps clients returning to them. The power of healthy, gifted touch speaks louder than any advertisement a special spa manager/owner can dream up.

However, even though continuing education can be considered costly to some it is vital and important not just to the therapist but also the spa/salon. Sometimes a MT may cut corners and if not audited or if submission of paperwork is not required fraudulent statement in regards to ce's might be reported.

I don't think any of this is malicious at all. Yes, maybe an individual might be lazy, but I also think cost and not being supported by an employer might have an influence on this. In busy facilities MT's can be expected to work long hours with minimal breaks and if they do not have adequate support along with low pay it can be disheartening. Eventually the client base will be affected. Let's remember bad remarks travel fast. What is worse than hearing "I had an awful massage there"!!

Maybe managers/owners and MTs need to share in the continuing education experience. What would happen if managers/spa, salon owners would be on top of the education awareness? What if they knew what their hired MTs were getting education in and either financially supporting a % of the cost or paying the therapist a bit more for such time they have invested to further their expertise?

My experience on both ends of this topic have proven that supporting your MTs and really knowing the work they are capable of doing through continuing education creates dynamite capacities of growth. This growth is good for all, especially the client on the table who will come back time after time because of the talented hands that reach deeper than words can express.


Bellabaci Cupping – Anti Aging Magnetic – WHAT? October 09, 2015 16:45

In this blog the intent is to educate and inform the reader on cupping, its relationship to aging and holistic health.  People are hearing and experiencing the many types of body cupping that are available for promoting and aiding in health related issues. Although it is not surprising that others know nothing about the term let alone the therapy of “Cupping”.

When you think “cupping” think of it as a coming of age modality. Do you recall when the term Hot Stone Massage started to become popular? It took some time for this lovely therapy to find its place in the traditional healing practices. Today most individuals have a good understanding of what hot stone massage is.

Anti-aging is another big term used to grab the public’s attention due to the high demand to look and feel our best as we live a longer life. The definition of anti-aging means to stop, delay or retard the process of aging. Aging occurs due to cellular death and the inability overturn new cell development quickly. Simply put, our cells don’t multiple as quickly the older we get.

Aging not only happens externally with wrinkles, lines, and looser skin tone, it also happens to the whole body system internally as well. The two main factors responsible for the visible effects externally are inflammation and toxicity.  Cupping with the Bellabaci Method can support and enhance anti-aging by removing these factors, thus slowing down the aging process.

Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing method addressing stagnation and congestion. When a person gets “cupped” the tissue releases toxic debris and promotes a better blood flow to the area. When there is a fresh blood supply there is more fresh nutrients going to the cells. Thus the cell thrives and the aging process of that cell slows down. Cumulative results add up and more “cupping” treatments are performed. Giving your body time to expel and heal is key.  This is not a quick fix, but a natural response to repair and heal from the inside out.

It is a simple yet effective Anti-Aging Treatment. More important it works. 

Bellabaci Cupping – Anti Aging – Now Becomes an “AH”! 

Please note Bellabaci Cupping Therapy has many indications for health and healing. I will go into some of the many reason to use this tremendous therapy next time.

Until then ~ Happy Cupping!

Cupping & Me August 31, 2015 19:59

Hello & Welcome to the wonderful world of Cupping! As a massage therapist and instructor it is natural for me to research and seek out what is new and moving forward in the world of massage.

I have watched our profession grow, change and evolve over the past 25yrs. I was ready for moving forward professionally in a new direction but unable to put my hands on what that would be.

When I found my way to Bellabaci, which was one of those “by accident” situations, I knew it was meant to be. Although my cupping knowledge was limited, after reviewing the information it seemed like a fit. My love for learning new techniques and teaching led me to the CEO of Bellabaci, Keren Trabelsi and here we are!

The work is fascinating and extremely therapeutic. It is a simple and effective method which can start out as a simple tool for massage therapists and turn into a powerful healing modality as you learn its effectiveness.

For the user of Bellabaci cupping therapy, it is an anti-aging magnet! Yes I know you find that hard to believe, but keep reading the blogs…. I will be explaining more and more about this unique versatile method as days go by.

Happy Cupping!

Carrie Ann Wiedemann US Director of Sales & Training